Goodbye for now?

Post Spotlight reflection 2017


Everyone get your thinking caps on. We have only 2 glorious weeks to complete our academic projects, no matter what subject stream you are on.

The transition into year 13 is now happening and the year ahead is going to be a very important and busy one. Make sure you’ve brushed up on the work from last year, or perhaps if you’ve been enjoying yourself away in the sunny shores of the south of Spain or elsewhere, do you still remember how to grasp a pen? Odd it may seem, but even I myself after a long and very lazy summer, find it difficult to pick up a pen and write a few sentences without feeling that I have developed some form of premature arthritis.

Following the events of the week, I feel it important to express my gratitude towards the K+ team and thank them for all the hard work they have put in. Not just during this one week, but for the efforts of the entire year, and for the up and coming year I am to happily spend by their side.

Sadly my collections of blogs have to come to an end. I wish to finish with this quote by the budding science YouTuber and biologist- Hank Green- from the Vlogbrothers channel that many of you may have come across.


“We are the superhero, none of us individually, but all of us together.”  

Hank Green


I will leave it down to you to decide what this quote means, but I think it fair to say that we have learnt that teamwork and collaboration is an important and useful asset. Not only for the world of academia but also for building lifelong friendships which I believe I have done as a result of not only the summer school, but all the events Kings have put on over the past year.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about what I have been up to at the Kspotlight week!

Oh, and before I forget, don’t miss out on checking the KCLWP twitter page too!


See you all soon,



Fired up! Are you ready to go?!

Final presentations – winning best presentation – award ceremony

Kspotlight Day 5: 11-08-2017

day 5.png

Gather round, it’s time to take some photos!

My group won the award for best presentation! What a way to end the week after a load of fun, hard work and daily assignments. The dentistry strand stuck together and did us all proud; luckily the audiences hearing was pitch perfect.  They must have ‘listened’ attentively to our talk about the neuroscience of hearing.

Do you enjoy public speaking?

Kspotlight Day 4: 10-08-2017

spotlight day 4.png

After another swift introduction by James, we scurried off to our penultimate tutorial to finish all the necessary content and start thinking about our presentation.

The tutorial was followed by a “How to do killer presentation” talk by one of the staff at kings and former Oxford MP. It was just what we needed in the run up to Fridays presentations. A few tricks to remember:

  • Find a “friend” in the audience- a person you can keep on making eye contact with for reassurance. And also to make sure the audience are actually engaged in the talk.
  • Scour the room with your eyes as you talk, by that we mean over the audience space/ seating area gradually making eye contact, by following a ‘z’ shaped path. This is to make sure you look as If you are fully engaged with the audience and of course to avoid any awkward staring.

Fancy a spot of Bhangra?

Shard visit – A fair bit of rainy weather – KCLSU – Evening meal –

Kspotlight Day 3:  09-08-2017

The day kicked off with another fantastic introduction by James, which soon ended and we went down to the KCLSU rooms for another tutorial with Dr Ahmed. Though it was an hour in duration time flies by when you’re having fun, we managed to cover 2 tutorials worth of content.

At around 11am, once the tutorial was over, we went back to the NHH lecture theatre for a student finance talk. I think it’s fair to say it was a very informative hour, of hands on interaction and some listening on the side.  Well now we know how student finance operates and can to an extent budget correctly for student living.

Lunch! It quickly arrived. To fill the hour I had sat with two of the ambassadors and some friends, discussing subject options and what they had been getting up to during the year. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget about the food.

Now, for a very important talk- The Personal Statement- with it being a vital piece of information a university has to differentiate you against others, other than the fact that they have access to your UCAS application. It is your time to shine and show them how much of an amazing person you are…and why you love SCIENCE!?

KCLSU- the Universities Student Union. I had a fab time, struggling to get my arms, hands, legs, head and feet coordinated as I attempted to engage in some Bhangra dancing. But all ended well, after getting a little sweaty that is. I did not think it was so complex but now I suppose I have a new interest- Bollywood dancing!!

Wednesday was the longest of all days, but a worthwhile evening finish. The shard and pizza express- need I say any more…  Despite the harsh summer conditions that are typical English weather, we all huddled together under a mass of umbrellas. Scurrying our way to a much anticipated evening meal, at pizza express on the bank of the River Thames.

To end the day, I had stepped into a mammoth of a sized puddle and got soaking wet.

Despite the unfortunate weather, the KPlus team spirit was stronger than ever.



Oldest medical operation theatre in Europe?

Entrepreneurship – Blood workshop – 

Kspotlight Day 2:  08-08-2017

spltlight day 2

Entrepreneurship workshop: for the business savvy

Plunged into a brain storming exercise, the sciences strand had to establish a problem whether it be environmental, social or technological. To follow that, we had to then list a few ideas that respond to such issues. So, for my group we had discussed the toxic nature of social media. With that, we had to pitch our service or product that could be put on the market to help mitigate and overcome the matter. Again, public speaking was at the forefront of this activity, but with the little time we had; me and my team of two others came together and performed to the best of our abilities.

Blood: life Uncut workshop

Believing that I was most certainly going to fall to my dreaded yet -one-day inevitable death; I managed to make it up the spiral labyrinth that was the “staircase” to the oldest operating theatre in Europe and The Herbs Museum. Clinging onto nothing but a piece of rope, I climbed in anticipation of meeting one of the worlds most feared parasites: leeches, or more specifically the European medicinal species.  Being stood inside the operating theatre was a spine shivering and unique experience. Exploring the interesting yet controversial art piece called ‘The Body is a Big Place’ by an American artist and scientist.  We looked over the mechanism that oxidised blood (the job of the lungs), turning it a bright red colour on display. For health and safety reasons, the hearts where not placed in the contraption, but on the sides there were a few monitors displaying an in-vitro beating heart. The work had been linked to a video of a group of people diving under water. This was a way of illustrating that to an extent when you are under water- time stops- your body’s functions are inhibited and you cannot breathe.

Visiting the museum had brought us to a nice end for day 2. Wednesday, and the shard visit are just a day away!!

Who enjoys watching the apprentice? Introduction to academic project

– Networking and personal branding – Library activity Kspotlight Day 1: 07-08-2017

Let’s get started:

spotlight day 1.png
Illustration for Spotlight day 1

What to expect? Sitting front row in the lecture theatre after being registered, I saw a large number of unfamiliar faces and felt slightly on edge. However that soon ended once we all got stuck in and involved in the talk by former apprentice finalist Bianca Miller. Once the name of the special guest speaker was announced, I couldn’t believe what I had heard. Once again, the K+ team have not failed to surprise me with such an amazing opportunity.   As exaggerated as it may seem I am a hard-core Apprentice watcher and have been for a few years now. “Being the best you” was the theme of the talk, where she had then gone onto later discuss personal branding, and the concept of networking.  To liven up the already buzzing atmosphere, we all got involved in a networking activity. Considering the fact that I was sitting in a row full of people I didn’t know, at first the task seemed quite daunting, but then once I had written my elevator speech I felt more ease. In fact it was a very useful activity as I got to know a few fun facts about the people around me, what they study and what part of London they’re from. Who would have known that the person beside me has climbed the tallest mountain in Wales?!

Let’s not forget about the academic ‘stuff’: Introduction to the academic project!

Starting with tutorial 1, not wasting any time we dived straight into the anatomy and function of the ear. At the time, the concepts we covered rather complex but now that I look back it was very interesting. Being exposed to undergraduate level content, I have become comfortable with researching concepts that I haven’t already come across in the A-level specification. And I think the same goes for everyone.

Are you feeling hungry? Here’s some food for thought

Have you considered linking your understanding and passion for science to the outside world? If so, why not check out the following links for more information about science and innovation:

  • For what the government has to say about innovation and science click me
  • Interested in the tech-savvy goers of Silicon Valley click me too !

For some extra links: click here  and here and finally here.

On a simple relationship between orange marmalade and toast


Two complimentary breakfast items such as marmalade and toast have now possibly become one another. But how you may question, yes with it being both a normal and rational instinct to question, I have an answer that is in itself both abstract and humble so it may leave you “tense and on the edge of your seat”. To set about an ambiguous and questionable tone, I will place an emphasis on the importance of the two becoming one incarnate object, perhaps in order to represent unity. ‘Toast’ generally refers to the idea of an object being crisp, crunchy and hard-edged. Additionally, the fact that it can easily burn tells us that it is susceptible to chemical changes affecting both its “mental” and physical state. From that, we can say that toast itself is vulnerable and in danger of being oppressed by negative change. One of those negative changes can be the relationship between the slice of toast and the orange marmalade its-self.

In contrast marmalade is a soft, sweet and viscous substance, with this we can say that it easily creates wholesome partnerships with various items including our slice of toast. Its sometimes overwhelming persona forces it to survive by feeding off another; it is therefore dependent upon the ‘toast’ and so can therefore be seen as the more dominant variable in this situation. Generally speaking, marmalade contains pieces of preserved orange or lemon peel dispersed within the outer fragile areas of its body. Ultimately giving it the appearance of a harmless being; externally soft, although we do forget its internally strong and powerful aura, as it may occasionally act up and taste slightly bitter.

A slice of toast originates from a complete loaf, it is whole and full of power, encased by a strong shielding crust. This bond can however be broken, destroyed by weapon so severe that it isolates it into a not so fortunate army of individual slices, leaving them unprotected in the sight of evil. In order to start its life it had gone through a journey of agonizing pain surviving the furnaces of the oven, its growth now inhibited, it is not able to survive. But we, as ghastly creatures continue to oppress the bread bin dwellers.

Do us all a favour and leave them be,

Many thanks,


Miss’ Pink LIME  



The debut of: GREEN~ a guide to the seasons wardrobe


Greetings all: fellow fashion, culture, art and life enthusiasts. I with pleasure bring you this debut post where I will be outlining the content of these publications and the aim of this project. Bringing you up to date with hip and alternative fashion trends as well as street and classical styles, that will be presented in a new and creative way.

 Follow me on my journey and pick up a few tips along the way.

Pink limes and pastel green

summer green
official logo of the SUMMER GREEN guide for fashion








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