Oldest medical operation theatre in Europe?

Entrepreneurship – Blood workshop – 

Kspotlight Day 2:  08-08-2017

spltlight day 2

Entrepreneurship workshop: for the business savvy

Plunged into a brain storming exercise, the sciences strand had to establish a problem whether it be environmental, social or technological. To follow that, we had to then list a few ideas that respond to such issues. So, for my group we had discussed the toxic nature of social media. With that, we had to pitch our service or product that could be put on the market to help mitigate and overcome the matter. Again, public speaking was at the forefront of this activity, but with the little time we had; me and my team of two others came together and performed to the best of our abilities.

Blood: life Uncut workshop

Believing that I was most certainly going to fall to my dreaded yet -one-day inevitable death; I managed to make it up the spiral labyrinth that was the “staircase” to the oldest operating theatre in Europe and The Herbs Museum. Clinging onto nothing but a piece of rope, I climbed in anticipation of meeting one of the worlds most feared parasites: leeches, or more specifically the European medicinal species.  Being stood inside the operating theatre was a spine shivering and unique experience. Exploring the interesting yet controversial art piece called ‘The Body is a Big Place’ by an American artist and scientist.  We looked over the mechanism that oxidised blood (the job of the lungs), turning it a bright red colour on display. For health and safety reasons, the hearts where not placed in the contraption, but on the sides there were a few monitors displaying an in-vitro beating heart. The work had been linked to a video of a group of people diving under water. This was a way of illustrating that to an extent when you are under water- time stops- your body’s functions are inhibited and you cannot breathe.

Visiting the museum had brought us to a nice end for day 2. Wednesday, and the shard visit are just a day away!!

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