On a simple relationship between orange marmalade and toast


Two complimentary breakfast items such as marmalade and toast have now possibly become one another. But how you may question, yes with it being both a normal and rational instinct to question, I have an answer that is in itself both abstract and humble so it may leave you “tense and on the edge of your seat”. To set about an ambiguous and questionable tone, I will place an emphasis on the importance of the two becoming one incarnate object, perhaps in order to represent unity. ‘Toast’ generally refers to the idea of an object being crisp, crunchy and hard-edged. Additionally, the fact that it can easily burn tells us that it is susceptible to chemical changes affecting both its “mental” and physical state. From that, we can say that toast itself is vulnerable and in danger of being oppressed by negative change. One of those negative changes can be the relationship between the slice of toast and the orange marmalade its-self.

In contrast marmalade is a soft, sweet and viscous substance, with this we can say that it easily creates wholesome partnerships with various items including our slice of toast. Its sometimes overwhelming persona forces it to survive by feeding off another; it is therefore dependent upon the ‘toast’ and so can therefore be seen as the more dominant variable in this situation. Generally speaking, marmalade contains pieces of preserved orange or lemon peel dispersed within the outer fragile areas of its body. Ultimately giving it the appearance of a harmless being; externally soft, although we do forget its internally strong and powerful aura, as it may occasionally act up and taste slightly bitter.

A slice of toast originates from a complete loaf, it is whole and full of power, encased by a strong shielding crust. This bond can however be broken, destroyed by weapon so severe that it isolates it into a not so fortunate army of individual slices, leaving them unprotected in the sight of evil. In order to start its life it had gone through a journey of agonizing pain surviving the furnaces of the oven, its growth now inhibited, it is not able to survive. But we, as ghastly creatures continue to oppress the bread bin dwellers.

Do us all a favour and leave them be,

Many thanks,


Miss’ Pink LIME  



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